Report of 62 Psychological Indicators

Reveals information on cognitive, emotional, social and other abilities and aptitudes.

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Reveals information on four main dimensions:

  • cognitive abilities (clarity of thought, concentration capacity, lucidity, attention, linguistic ability, decision-making, memory, visual-spatial ability, cognitive flexibility, mental agility, mathematical ability);
  • emotional abilities (empathy, emotional stability, relaxation, adaptation to stress, emotional comfort, impulsivity, impulse control, emotionality);
  • social and networking abilities (authority, assertiveness, sense of belonging to a group, respect for others, leadership, sociability, tolerance to opposing views, conformity, interpersonal trust);
  • other abilities and aptitudes such as: vitality, self-preservation, vigilance, ambition, dynamism, courage, selflessness, righteous attitude, responsibility, perseverance, patience, realism, creativity, force of character, generosity, oratorical ability, curiosity, diligence, trustworthiness, honesty, thrift, adaptability, objectivity, self-assertion, willpower, ego indicator, self-control, intuition, inventiveness, autonomy, optimism, self-confidence, mental calmness.
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