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Produced in Europe, MindSpring™ is a hand scanner that measures the electrodermal response by simply placing both hands of the examinee for 5 minutes* on the scanner sensors.

Unboxing the MindMi System MindMi System

Let us show you how to unpack and initialize your MindSpring scanner.

How to add examinees and initiate a scan

Let us tell you more about how to use the MindDeck web app, add examinees and initiate scans.

How to generate a MindMi Report

About how to generate a new report in the MindDeck web app.

The Personality Report

This report focuses on five main areas: the dynamics of temperament, personality type, tendencies, abilities and aptitudes as well as cerebral frequencies.

The Talent Report

Provides information and analysis of ten talent indicators.

The Report of Cognitive Intelligence Potential

Reveals information regarding seven cognitive intelligence sub-indicators.

The Report of Emotional Intelligence Potential

Reveals information regarding five emotional intelligence sub-indicators.

The Report of 62 Psychological Indicators – How to Create New Templates

Reveals information on cognitive, emotional, social, and other abilities and aptitudes.

The Group Compatibility Report

Provides data regarding the cohesion and harmony in work relationships.

The Interpersonal Compatibility Report

Reveals information regarding the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.

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