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Human personality has been continuously investigated as a configuration of traits that reflect an individual’s way of acting, feeling, thinking and adjusting to the environment. The continuous process of understanding human nature and nurture is vital for predicting an individual’s way of acting in specific contexts and in different life areas such as work field, social interactions, family functioning or attitudes towards health.

Research described in present study approaches EEG biosignals physiology and power spectral distribution, respectively EDA phenomenology, highlighting electrodermal potential technique in alternating current. The experiment structure is based on a design adequate to specific purpose of the topic, i.e. recourse to two distinct techniques pertaining to quoted biosignals, in view of obtaining the same type electrical behavior, expressed as personality typology. We determined the projective functions using, for EEG, power spectral density as measured by the NeuroSky MindSet headset; whereas for EDA, we considered the skin alternating current potential levels, basal type (SPL) and response type (SPR), acquired through MindMi™ assessment system, patented by author of present research, in 2013.

The MindMi™ inferential psychometric system, which is based on the phenomenology of electrodermal response, needed integration in the calculation algorithm of a set of connections between its response potentials, of SPL and SPR type, and the measureable parameters of another category of biosignals on which an identification method is applied for identifying the psychological meaning. Such a category is the category of EEG biosignals, measurable with special head pieces, which position the measurement electrodes in agreement with the International Standard 10-20, 10-10 or 10-5.

The method presented here describes the process of assigning the psychological indicators, gradually presenting the steps followed in establishing the closest psychological meanings of the electrodermal biosignals obtained by AC-stimulation of the phasic stage of the palm epidermis, a technique described by the author in the patent RO127615/2013, but also in a series of scientific articles, meanings corresponding to some sets of EEG biosignals, acquired simultaneously by enshrined techniques. It is also presented the procedure for scaling and calibrating these indicators with the purpose to introduce them in the final psychometric reports of the electrodermal inferential system.

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