Dumitru Grigore PhD

The Mastermind of the MindMi™ System

eng. physicist, psychologist, author and entrepreneur

Dumitru Grigore PhD, eng. physicist, psychologist, author and entrepreneur, is the inventor of the MindMi™ System, providing the first scientific antidote to the shortcomings of psychological evaluations based on self-reported questionnaires. The MindMi™ System came as a response to counteract the fact that all current psychological assessments are subjective in one way or another, being based on either self-assessments or conscious assessment by another person, while more objective and deeper, unconscious aspects of the psyche remain unexplored.

After 15 years of research, testing on more than 5,000 subjects, Dumitru Grigore PhD patented his system in 2013. For the very first time in the history of psychology, a psychological assessment could be done in a matter of minutes, without any subjective opinion of the examinee.

Psychometric Systems is a company founded in August 2014 and aims to research and develop solutions in the field of psychological evaluation systems, based on the extensive experience of the researcher Dumitru Grigore, who founded the MindMi™ system. So far, the company has invested in creating and developing the MindMi™ system from the prototype stage to the current Cloud Computing model.

Developed and produced in Europe MindMi™ System is backed by a powerful team. All members of the team have extensive experience in their various fields. This multidisciplinary aspect is key in developing an intelligent and effective psychometric technology.

Our team believes in passion, inspiration, teamwork and unyielding integrity. The members of Psychometric Systems team are continuously involved in internal research projects and collaborations with the industry, business and academia in order to improve product and services in the benefits of our customers.







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