How it works?

Developed in Canada, MindDeck™ is a securely accessed, multilingual and user friendly web application, optimized for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It offers an easy and quick data collecting process, generating different, customized reports, with easy use and management of the data base.

First step

Informed consent is provided. The user explains the noninvasive, simple evaluation protocol to the examinee and introduces demographic information into the MindMi™ System. Confidentiality is explained and assured.

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Second Step

Examinee places both hands on the MindSpring™ hand scanner for around 5 minutes. The data collected by the scanner is shared immediately with the MindDeck™, cloud based, web application. The process is completely objective considering that no one can influence the outcome in any way.

Third step

With the help of the MindDeck™ web application and based on different psychological indicators of interest, the user generates one of the specific psychological reports. The process of generating comprehensive reports is user friendly and takes under one minute*.

*Depending on the internet connection speed.

Fourth Step

Based on the type of psychological report chosen, the user explains in detail the report for the examinee’s best benefit. Aspects compassionately discussed may include self-esteem, improving grade point average or group compatibility. All data is securely saved and archived for possible future use. Data saved is available 24/7 on the web based application.

MindMi™ System Is Highly Performant

in the following areas of applied psychology:

Clinical Psychology

Organizational Psychology

Legal and Forensic Psychology


Counselling and Psychotherapy

School Psychology

Traffic Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology

Health Psychology

Occupational Psychology

Sports Psychology

Engineering Psychology

MindMi™ Is A Decision Support System

MindMi™ technology facilitates more comprehensive data gathering and it can help you make better decisions. It’s important to note that MindMi™ System does not treat or diagnose.

Area of use



When integrated in a structured recruitment procedure, the MindMi™ system can provide sound and reliable information about the degree of compatibility between the subject’s psychological profile and the job profile.

Career guidance and management

If you are a professional coach and/or career counsellor you can use the MindMi™ system as a tool in educational, occupational and career counselling. When it comes to suggesting/recommending a career or identifying particular talents, the system can be an important aid in efficient decision-making by provoking you with useful guidance.

Talent management, staff development and succession planning

The MindMi™ system can represent an impressive staff development tool. Armed with the information that the system can provide, a top management team can solve different talent management challenges like: the recruitment of future managers; the identification of certain skills and competences of staff similar to the ones found on the company’s best employees; the analysis of personal potential and personal or group training requirements.

Professional Psychograms

The MindMi™ system can provide professional psychograms that integrate various psychological elements in the form of diagrams and charts, denoting their interrelationships. The systems helps in reducing composite psychological measurements to a simple design, which can be highly relevant for occupational profiles and can be easily transferred to user’s documents or presentations.

Working Groups & Teams Assessment

Since the launching of the MindMi™ system, the assessment of group cohesion and interpersonal compatibility has never been easier. Through a two-stage process, the MindMi™ users can first obtain the psychological profile of each group / team member and then investigate and determine the interpersonal compatibility between them.

Developing organizational intervention programs

The data and information collected and / or processed with the MindMi™ system can be a good starting point in structuring efficient organizational intervention programs in terms of human resource management.

Safety Assessments

In companies with high risk activities, where the need of adopting safety-oriented measures is acute, the MindMi™ system can represent the best solution for monitoring the vigil condition of workers. Also, within security and protection companies, the system can be very useful for the initial and periodical assessment of performance parameters and indicators of the employed personnel.

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