Psychological Assessment System

A fast, easy, accurate, fully automated, patented and secure scanning method for psychological assessment.

No hassle, commitment or membership!

MindMi System

Hand Scanning Technology

An accurate and noninvasive procedure that generates psychological profiles by measuring hand electrodermal response.

No paper, pens or stressful questionnaires!

MindMi System

Where Science Meets Practical Applications

A web based technology giving detailed and accurate insight of psychological patterns.

Easy, fast and fully secured.

MindMi System

Evidence-Based Evaluation System

Psychological reports you can trust based on comprehensive, research supported data and algorithms.

Standardized, statistically significant and highly reliable.

MindMi System

Technology Enhanced Psychology


Imagine you could read the intelligence quotient of a text in a blink of an eye. MindWords™ application gives you the opportunity to analyze any text in any language and calculate its level of intelligence, and even discriminate between one or many authors.

Coming Soon!
If compatibility is a major key to a great relationship, then what makes the two partners compatible? For the first time based on psychophysiological data, MindCouple™ is a fast, easy, accurate matchmaking tool that gives you the specific elements that you are looking for in your potential life partner and bridges the gap between personality, physical appearance, lifestyles, habits and hobbies and other personal preferences.
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