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On 27th February 2015, at the Institute for World Economy, Bucharest, Romania, Dumitru Grigore held a conference entitled “Psychological Engineering in Human Machine Interface; correlation between cerebral dominance and personality types”. He presented research results about personality types investigated with MindMi™ System. Among the strengths of the psychometric system presented in this conference were the short testing time and the unbiased psychological assessment that the system provides, based on psychophysiological data that is collected.

The research results obtained in this research were gathered with the use of MindMi™ System, Learning Styles Inventory (Kolb, A. Y. & Kolb, D. A.), Brain Hemispheric Preference Assessment (Linksman, R.) and Eysenck’s personality Inventory (Eysenck H.J. & Eysenck S.B.G.).


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