Interpersonal Compatibility Report

Reveals information regarding the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.

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Reveals information regarding the dynamics of interpersonal relationships on three dimensions: compatibility type, solutions to improve the compatibility and a detailed description for each partner.

The types of compatibility include three categories, namely: conjunctive compatibility, disjunctive compatibility and compensative compatibility, with an appropriate description in the report.

Regarding the improvement of collaborative relationship, the report provides information on several directions such as understanding, organization, decision, networking, attracting factors, potential difficulties, development opportunities as well as potential strengths and vulnerabilities.

The detailed description for each partner includes a general characterization based on personality types and a description of potential attracting factors between the two, based on multiple dimensions, such as being extroverted or introverted, sensory or intuitive, reflexive or affective, perceptive or organized (For example, a partner can be attracted to the logic and firmness of his collaborator, to his ability to be objective and lucid).

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